How to increase your conversion rate with social proof on an e-commerce site

What is Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which individuals refer to for validation and mirror the behavior of other people, namely the masses. Our choices are influenced daily by the masses; as social psychologist Robert Cialdini puts it: “95% of people are imitators and only 5% initiators, people are persuaded more by the actions of others than by any proof we can offer.” In other words, initiators are encouraging others to browse, nudging them going through the sales funnel to increase conversion by using social proof.

Many apps on an e-commerce site are designed to increase conversions through psychological persuasion based on the principle of Social Proof.

Four Social Proof tactics to increase sales

1 — Create mass behavior by showing the number of people viewing a product

Showing the number of visitors who have viewed or bought your products on your store has a positive effect on your visitors’ confidence to buy your products as it shows the popularity of your products. Therefore, while this strategy builds mutual trust with your visitor, it also persuades them to enter the sales funnel to complete their purchase

Popularity Proof :

i) 42 people recently viewed this product in 1 day

ii) Mike from Istanbul bought this product recently

iii) 717 people added this item to their cart

iiii) 300 people bought this item

Combining live data with consumer psychology reduces bounce rate and increases the conversion rate.

2. Build trust through reviews and star ratings

The positive influence of reviews and ratings of products on the visitors is a classic example of social proof in e-commerce. Therefore, visitors confidently decide to buy products. One study shows that %70 of e-commerce visitors decide whether to purchase a product while they are looking at its reviews and ratings

3- Boost urgency by showing stock levels

Urgency and scarcity are marketing tactics that require immediate action from visitors. In other words, by highlighting stock levels user are entered into a game of who will buy the product immediately before stocks run out

i) Only 3 left, Hurry up to buy

4- Give recommendations by showing what others have purchased

Showing what other users are looking at, affects visitors’ shopping behavior.

Amazon is one of the leaders when it comes to product recommendations. Considering that %35 of all sales on Amazon happen via product recommendation, the importance of social impact on e-commerce can be more easily understood.

Collectaction provides you to add social proofs such as popularity, stock level, product recommendation to your e-commerce sites in minutes.

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